Seminar “Care and conservation of manuscripts” – Copenhagen

I am delighted to be part of the upcoming 16th seminar on the “Care and conservation of manuscripts” that will take place at the University of Copenhagen this 13-15 April 2016.

I will be presenting my MA research project in collaboration with professor Lieve Watteeuw (KU Leuven, Faculty of Arts, Illuminare – Centre for the Study of Medieval Art). Our presentation, “Sewing threads in hand-made West European bookbinding: Historical sources, imaging and analytical assessment (12th -19th century)”, will be on the Friday 15th April. More information about my research is available on my post Research Project – Microdome imaging.

I am very impatient to be part of this event, and to share a summary of the conference on the blog soon!

Full program of the conference is available at:

RICH-microdome-13-Nov2014-general view

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